Leroy Karate & Self-Defense


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Little Dragons Karate(Ages 4-6) 

Instruction consists of karate techniques as well as karate games to keep the little ones interested and engaged ∙ Also taught is how to handle simple bullying techniques with care not to injure the bully but rather using words and body posture to get to safety ∙ Lastly, kids are taught self confidence, self control, self respect and encouraged to do well in school.


Kids Karate (Ages 7-12) 

Instruction consists of traditional karate techniques, self defense, rolls & falls, non-contact sparring, and tournament practice if student decides to pursue (up to individual student) ∙ Advanced kids are taught weapons such as bo staff and sai ∙ All classes are designed to be fun and engaging!

Teens Martial Arts (Ages 13-17) 

Besides all of the previous, students are taught more advanced self defense techniques from standing and from ground ∙ Students are also taught additional weapons as well as the art of aiki-jiu jitsu ∙ Focus on self defense against clubs and other weapons.



Adult Karate(Age 18+) 

Students are taught advanced level of self defense against holds, chokes, punches, kicks, grabs, takedowns, from ground on back or stomach, clubs, sticks, knives, chains, guns and others ∙ Students are also taught advanced sparring (fighting with protective gear).

Aiki Jitsu/Ju Jitsu Training 

While some basic Aiki Jutsu and Ju Jutsu are included in the Kartate training, Aiki Jutsu is taught as a separate art, which specializes in these techniques. Some examples are:

  • Mastering of falling / rolling techniques

  • Ju Jutsu throws, take-downs and locks

  • Aiki Jutsu wrist, elbow, shoulder locks, flips and take-downs.

  • Sleepers, Chokes & Back-Breakers

  • Advanced weapon defense, use of jo and yawara