Leroy Karate & Self-Defense
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Anyone can learn karate - men, women, teens, and children. No special talent, age, or physical strength are required, only discipline and willingness to work hard. We welcome students of any age or fitness level, with new classes starting every week. Each class consists of aerobic warm-up exercises, stretching, body conditioning, and karate instruction.


The Le Roy Karate & Self-Defense Center offers adult and children’s classes that specialize in martial arts instruction based upon the Tatsu Do system. Classes range from basic karate, including all types of self-defense, Aiki Jutsu, Ju Jutsu, and Kobudo, traditional oriental weapons, including traditional Japanese sword. Safety is a component of our training and is always enforced. The benefits of learning karate are many, and participants of any age can benefit from:

  • Improved physical and mental health

  • Increased energy levels, focus, coordination, and concentration

  • Decreased Stress

  • Weight Loss

  • Build self-esteem and strengthen your self-confidence

  • Meet new friends