Leroy Karate & Self-Defense


Leroy Dojo offers training in all Tatsu Do Martial arts, from beginner to master-rank black belts classes. We also have a special curriculum for young children, ages 4 & up. Please see the Class Schedule below and feel free to call or stop by anytime during class hours. Private Lessons are also available upon request.




David Swede

has studied Martial Arts since 1976. He currently holds a 8th degree Black Belt in Tatsu-Do Karate and Kobudo (weapons), 2nd degree Black Belt in Tatsu-Do Aiki Jutsu and 1st degree in Iai Jutsu (art of drawing the sword). He has studied under Soke William R. Cavalier, 10th degree Black Belt and head of the Tatsu-Do, and Master Gerald Durant (deceased), 10th degree Black Belt Goshin Jutsu. He has been on the Tatsu-Do Board of Directors since 1985. Shihan Swede ran the Perry Martial Arts Studio since 1979, with Renshi Merica being his most senior teaching assistant since 1984.



Fred Merica

has been studying martial arts since 1980 and holds the ranks of 7th Degree Black Belt in Tatsu-Do Karate, 6th Degree Black Belt in Tatsu-Do Kobudo (weapons), and 1st Degree Black Belt in Tatsu-Do Iai Jutsu (sword). Renshi Merica has been studying under Shihan David Swede and achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt status in August 1985 from Soke William R. Cavalier (founder of Tatsu-Do). Renshi Merica is the senior student of Shihan David Swede and was chosen by Soke William R. Cavalier to be on the Tatsu Do Board of Directors in 1995. Renshi Merica has both attended many seminars and clinics on self-defense and also teaches a number of them himself.


Other Instructors

Bob Steffenilla - 4th Degree in Karate / Kobudo
Gail Mortimer - 3rd Degree in Karate
Stacey Wright - 2nd Degree in Karate
Nancy Elmore - 2nd Degree in Karate
Jade Wolfer - 2nd Degree in Karate