LEROY DOJO offers number of different pricing plans, depending on student's age, number of participating family members and number of arts taken.

Individual : $65/Month or $175 3/Months

2 Person Family - $100/Month or $280 3/Months

Private Lesson: $25 for private 1 hour lesson

Sign Up Special - $99 includes one month lesson, uniform, patch, headband, book, mouth guard, and registration


Other costs (if not paid in sign up special):

Uniform: $30
Patch: $12
Student Manual: $12
Hachimaki (Headband): $12
Mouth Guard: $5
Tatsu-Do Registration (Lifetime)*: $25

*Due before going to first rank/ goes to the Tatsu-Do Organization


While we offer very reasonable pricing, the cost of training quickly becomes secondary when you or your child are in personal danger. Today many children are subjected to bullying at school. Most schools do absolutely nothing to stop it, particularly the verbal bullying part. We teach you how to deal with bullying and how to physically defend yourself.

Many kids who participate in high school sports find that these activities come to an abrupt end when they graduate. Many young adults are in this situation today. Martial Arts Training provides a continuum of exercise from young age into adulthood and far into senior age. We have students of all ages - 7 year-old children to students and Black Belts well over 70 years old.